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Vertical Mixer (Vertical Blender)

Description of LJ Series Vertical Mixer:
Our LJ series vertical mixer, also known as vertical blender, is specially used for blending various fertilizers, clinker, and many other materials in fertilizer industry, cement field, chemical industry, building material sector, and more.

It mainly consists of motor, speed reducer, supporting base, shaft coupler, and more. And it features secure operation, stable performance, easy maintenance, high even blending efficiency, energy saving, and so on.

Parameters of LJ Series Vertical Mixer (Vertical Blender):

Specification Output Blending Speed Motor type Power Weight
LJ2000×500 10 11 BLY33-87 7.5 2500
LJ2200×500 14 11 BLY33-87 7.5 3000
LJ2500×600 18 11 BLY45-87 11 3410
LJ2800×600 20 11 BLY55-87 15 3700
LJ3200×600 22 11 BLY55-87 15 3950
LJ3600×650 25 11 BLY65-87 18.5 4580
LJ4000×650 30 11 BLY75-87 30 6100
LJ4200×660 35 11 BLY75-87 37 7200

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