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The development idea of “a mission, nine goals”makes Pengfei Group fruitful

Addtime: 2016-11-01

Since the 13th Five-Year, the economic development has entered into a new normal and it is difficult for enterprise to make a transformation and upgrading. Pengfei Group combines its own advantage, around the ideas of “innovation, transformation, enhance”, considers the “quality, efficiency ” as the work center, expands the international market actively, continues to promote the transformation and upgrading of products, finally achieves stable production and operation.
August 2016, fruit1: Jiangsu Pengfei group and Hongkong Integrated International Mining Co., Ltd. signed a contract of 8 sets of nickel ore rotary kiln and two coal vertical mill. The total value of the contract is more than 100 million yuan. Now the contract has come into force and is being implemented.
August 2016, fruit2: Jiangsu Pengfei group and Turkey ABC Co., Ltd. signed a general contract of 2500t/d cement production line and the total value of teh contract is 350 million yuan. Now the contract has come into force and is being implemented.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group will according to the concept of “a mission, nine goals” and continue to respond to the challanges with a positive attitude.According to the view of internationalization to plan the development of enterprise and we can use the market means to break through the bottleneck of development, gather the human resource to tide over the difficulties and create a brilliant again!

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