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Green manufacture is a modern manufacturing mode

Addtime: 2016-06-16

XU Delong, Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out in the Report of 《Promoting green manufacture, building happy homeland》in May 25, that green development is the only way to solve global climate warming, raging haze, and food insecurity etc a series of unsustainable problems, green manufacture is the important component of green development, the key way to realize green manufacture is researching green products, supporting the research of green new technology and process by government, society, law, finance system.
XU De-long also pointed out that the essence of green manufacture is a manufacture with environmental awareness and a modern manufacture mode generally which considers people’s need, environmental impact, resource efficiency and enterprise revenue. From design, manufacturing and use to scrap has minimal impact on natural environmental. Green manufacture is harmless to nature natural ecology and decreases the energy consumption to the lowest.       
What is the way of achieving green manufacture? He says, the key way to achieve green manufacture concludes research of green products, green new technology and research, government, society, law and finance system support for new technology. “Green manufacture, an important component of green development, also has problems of low carbon and cycle manufacture. Low-carbon manufacture is the most pressing issue here and know. ”
XU De-long takes an example: Changing the technology of steel industry can greatly reduce the coal consumption in manufacturing process. By using mine slag, steel slag, fly ash and copper slag can the solve dam, expressway, super high-rise building problems for mass concrete. With this, the output of our cement clinker is reduced by 1 billion tons and carbon dioxide is reduced by 0.9 billion, which brings great for environment.
“Green manufacture is a modern manufacture mode which generally considers environmental impact, resource efficiency and enterprise revenue and needs support from government, society, law, finance, business standard.”XU De-long academician also says green development, a systems engineering, not only needs help from the world, but also needs support from government, society, law and financial system.  
“Low-carbon development is the core and primary task of green development. Cycle development is the main way to achieve green development. ”The current environment forces people to pay attention to green and sustainable development. Green environment is the important component of green development and the only way to contract powerful nation in manufacturing industry.  
From 《Chinese cement website》

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